Monday, September 15, 2014


Projection is a psychological term used to describe a lapse of judgement in the human thought process. Logical fallacies are important for us as Cosmotheists to identify. It allows us to categorize fallacious thinking in others and avert such illogic ourselves. I have decided to write about projection  because the perfect example was displayed in a recent advertisement for an "anti-racist" organization that I had recently seen. If you have not already seen the video, please watch it. We can then discuss the problem with its message. 

I know that right now you are thinking that if a group of White people had created an ad making similar stereotyped generalizations of another group while mocking them that they would be called racist. Yet if the people who created this video were challenged and called racist themselves, they would simply shrug it off and say that it is not possible for Black people to be racist. That "racism" or "institutional racism" is when "the dominant social group in power oppresses a minority." This is a more recent definition of the word racism that has been used to justify antiwhite racism, as well as to blame Whites for the differences in socioeconomic status and encarceration rates among racial groups.

So what is projection?

Projection is attributing attributes to others that you are unwilling to accept in yourself.

In this case, the children are talking about how they are "over racism" while simultaneously making racist, antiwhite statements. They are attributing racism to Whites, without realizing that they are the ones who are racist. It is unfortunate that these children are being taught this type of behavior at such a young age, and those making this video are the ones truly at fault. 

Lets look at another video that shows projection in action.

(Click here if you cannot see video)


Directly after this man was attacked by latino protestors this journalists asked him if he is "racist" for protesting the amnesty of illegal aliens. It's obvious that the Latino woman is only asking the gentleman if he is "racist" because he is White. There is nothing racist about desiring laws to be followed. She would not be asking him the question if she did not truly believe that he was(though this may be debatable), or if he was another ethnicity. Her loaded question was in and of itself where she exposed her own racism. When called out on her antiwhite racism by his black friend, she immediately recoils and tries to escape being exposed from her own hatred. Both of these videos show how words that were intended to expose bigotry are now used as weapons by bigots.What is worse is that these individuals likely do not even acknowledge that they are acting in such a manner. They have been so conditioned to believe that Whites are inherently racist that it justifies their demonization of White people.

It is critical for us as Cosmotheists to have an understanding of what projection is. Illogic is the enemy of the Cosmotheist. It denigrates and destroys. The more it seeps into a society, the less society can function. If we are to meet the enemy, we must first know what he is and how he operates. It would be impossible to conquer an enemy otherwise. 

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